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Hi, I'm Ashley and I am a certified Billings Ovulation Method® Instructor.

Through my own struggles with infertility early in marriage and not knowing any of this until much later in life I became passionate about teaching women of all ages and couples how to learn the language of their body and to become

their own health advocate!  

What's included with each class?

for a one time fee of $147.99 you get all the following:

  • a 2 hour class 

  • one refresher class

  • 3 follow up sessions

  • all class materials 

  • 24/7 support

  • Discount off any care box

  • LIFETIME knowledge of the language of your body!

When you register for any class, ask how to get a discount off any box!

Private Class for Couples

Couple Working Together

Couples who practice fertility awareness experience a greater than 95% success rate in marriage!

Learn how the observable signs of your body and how to apply them to your family planning goals whether to achieve, avoid or postpone pregnancy.

Mother Daughter Class 

Three Friends

Invite your mom friends and their daughters for a girls night in! A trained instructor will teach your daughters the language of their body. They will also learn how use fertility awareness to monitor their health and sync their cycles with daily exercise, emotions and nutrition! Book a mother daughter night today. 

Private Class just for you

Working from Home

Learn the language of your body! Through this class a woman will learn how to read the natural observable signs of her body and use fertility awareness as a means to monitor overall health and wellness. 

Postpartum Class

Newborn's Care

Congratulations Mommy! Your body has performed a miracle. Postpartum time is filled with many snuggles and taking care of yourself is important. Through this class  give yourself the confidence to learn how to observe your bodies' natural signs as returns to a state of fertility.

To sign up or learn more about any of the classes above. Get in touch with me below!

Take A Class!

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